Trend Forum Light + Building presented trends in the home for the coming season

Four scenarios for the home showcase the consumer requirements of tomorrow

The Trend Forum at Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main from 18 March to 23 March 2018 was a magnet for the specialist wholesale and retail trade, as well as for designers, architects and interior architects. Exclusively at the world's largest trade fair for architecture and technology, the Forum will present the trends in the home for 2018 and 2019. The focus will be on various main stylistic directions, which will be presented in four lifestyle scenarios. In the process, some of the very latest home scenarios and selected products will be integrated into some very original spatial displays. The creation of the Trend Forum has been the responsibility of the internationally renowned trend bureau bora.herke.palmisano .

evoke emotions – the evocation of mood and sense of well-being


This style is about designs that sensitise us to our feelings, that are directly linked to emotions and that integrate emotional aspects into everyday life with the aid of intelligent material and product developments.

A visionary approach meets quietness and meditation. Technological developments and possibilities are directly intertwined with the focus on emotion and well-being. The designs stem from a development process that investigates experimentally and innovatively the materials used, the benefi ts and the effects.

It is about recreating natural light, creating reflections, gentle movements and shadow effects in the room - about tenderness, sensitivity and well-being. The combination of feeling and functionality is the essential characteristic of the creations.

For many designers, light that enhances well-being is the central element: natural light, sunlight, fi ltered light. The emotional perception of lighting forms the starting point in many of the designs.

But technologies that adapt to needs, such as mobile, network-independent lighting, are also becoming increasingly relevant. Experimental material developments are able to produce optical effects with the use of ultra-thin films, iridescent or metallised membranes and mirror effects. Innovative glass techniques create mother-of-pearl effects, diffuse and opalescent elements and refi ned colours and colour gradients. Pioneering processes impressively integrate light into the materials.

imagine mutation – the notation of divergence and modification


Here we find an emphasis on designs that create a striking artistic impression and make a strong impact. What dominate are creations that are anything but ordinary and appear like modern works of art. They extrovertly celebrate anomaly and diversity.

A style that plays with the idea of mutation as a synonym for alteration, diversity, modifi cation and transformation. It is about the possibility of variation, modulation and variety in design.

Functional and expressive characteristics of lighting come together in an extravagant, unusual ambience. Designers address the idea of transformation, metamorphosis and change of shape within luminaire design – and also create strongly expressive stand-alone objects.

Irregularity and movement are integrated as design elements – anomalies and peculiarities take centre stage. The designs speak an expressive language and demonstrate playfulness and diversity – they move beyond stereotypical forms and appear more like works of art. In this concept, the non-uniform, striking, irregular and unusual are combined.

Textures and patterns are surprisingly intertwined, and contrasting materials are often employed. Here we see matt and glossy surfaces, monochrome and multicolour aspects, fluorescent details and coloured wood. Exaggerated effects are used in shapes, motifs, patterns and colours. Sculptural elements often appear distorted, twisted, deformed. Overall, the entire look plays with the idea of “multipersonality”.

revive homeliness - breathing life into simplicity


Authentic, undemonstrative, clear and uncomplicated designs characterise this style. The lighting moods are inviting, warm and restrained, and create a cosy, harmonious atmosphere. A reverential, intimate illumination is created, which includes darkness into the overall ambience.


A style that stands for the revival of simplicity – for preserving and maintaining traditional values while also creating a groundbreaking concept of living. By focusing exclusively on simple but intelligent solutions, selecting materials with care and allowing the necessary time for thoughtful development, a style is created with an authentic and personal atmosphere of home.

The ambience is rooted in the past and the modern at the same time and captivates through its undemonstrative, reduced approach.

The living areas have a clear, harmonious and unostentatious design and all the elements are carefully selected. They radiate contemporary fl air as well as a sort of revival of tradition. The focus is on luminaires with industrial charm, precise handmade creations and models with workshop character.

Vintage ideas are constantly incorporated into modern living space concepts and many of the designs, surfaces and materials are proven, handcrafted, durable and timeless.

Materials with a simple, understated, but strong character take centre stage. Ceramics and wood are used in addition to matt and rough surfaces, patinated effects and painted, metal and corrugated profi le structures.

create history - stimulating a feeling of nostalgia


Highly functional modern technology is embedded here in a background of decorative living spaces. The appeal of this interior style lies in its elegant colouration, combined with antique and rare items and collectables, which hark back to former times – a sort of cabinet of wonders. Technology is also revolutionising design and with the use of the latest developments, nostalgic designs and historic reminiscence become something quite new, something never been before. Here is where historical expression and future promise come together.

Opulent, decorative aspects meet ultra-contemporary designs. Narrative elements often point to the idea behind the design. There is a particular focus on historical quotations, reassembled and transformed for the modern era.

The idea of generating something new from what has gone before lies behind many of the designs, which present a very sophisticated and decorative look and recreate the past. The technically advanced luminaire designs are unusually presented to be both dramatic and picturesque.

The designs are decorative and often use historical quotations and borrow from the classics. But they always reveal a very contemporary approach and many of these retro-creations would not be feasible without the possibilities of innovative technology.

The luxurious settings are reminiscent of the fascination of Italian palazzi. A particular attraction are the hightech luminaires which appear like “light jewels” in a decoratively designed environment. With their innovative, functional details, the luminaire designs are like little gems set in an elegant context. The idea of artistic still life serves as an inspiration for refi ned, nuanced displays. Overall, this style is sophisticated, elegant and refined.

Further information with illustrative material on the trends identified can be obtained from: Trendforum Light + Building

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